Ally is Knowlepsy’s breakthrough wearable device that focuses on epilepsy forecasting. Utilizing state-of-the-art biosensors and AI analytics, Ally provides users with insights into the likelihood of impending seizure events. Ally forecasts this critical information, enabling individuals to prepare and take proactive steps for their well-being…


Knowlepsy’s wearable device, Ally, presents the following features:

Seizure Occurance Insights

Seizure occurrence forecasting utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to offer forecasting of seizure events.


EDA / Skin Temperature/ PPG/ Accelerometer / Gyroscope


Integrate various data aspects, including weather, location, time, and lifecycles, to provide in-depth risk insights and forecasts.

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Discover Ally, the AI powered solution that provides you with personalized insights on the potential occurrences of seizures:


Ally is unisex companion device designed to ensure comfort to individuals powered by AI technology and biosensors to provide personalized insights to regain their control of their life regardless of the neurological challenge such as epilepsy.

Mobile Applications

Easy to use application for everyone.
An easily navigable app employing
cutting-edge AI tracks the data and lifestyle insights of its users.


1 out of 6 persons in the world has a neurological challenge

13 Million Europe
9 Million Americas
9 Million Africa
30 Million Rest of the World

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