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Knowlepsy is an AI deep-tech company empowering consumers to regain control of their lives. Our vision is to revolutionize consumer health by providing personalized solutions enabling individuals with neurological challenges like epilepsy to regain control of their lives. Our mission is to transform consumer health by using AI technology and healthcare expertise combined with wearable technology to provide personalized insights.


Absolutely! Knowlepsy prioritizes data security and privacy. Users’ sensitive health information is encrypted and securely stored, ensuring it is only accessible to the users and authorized data insights professionals.

To start benefiting from personalized insights with Ally, simply visit our website and explore the features of the companion  device. You can make a pre-order here(click to the pre-order page).


The Ally companion device includes stress management score, skin conductivity measurements, sleep tracking, sleep stages, sleep profile, and sleep score. It also offers health features like SpO2 tracking, heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, wellness report, and menstrual health tracking.


Yes, Knowlepsy offers a range of health tracking features, including stress management, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking (SpO2), sleep tracking, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, and menstrual health tracking. These features provide a holistic approach to personalized health insights.


With providing users with personalized insights through companion device Ally, we seek for users to regain their control of life.


It is called “Ally”;  the advanced AI-powered system to provide you with personalized insights on the potential occurrence of seizures using a non-invasive device.

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