12 MONTH PLAN Subscription


Ally is powered with five powerful sensors:

Electrodermal Dermal Activity, Heart Rate, Skin Temperature, Accelerometer, Gyroscope

Temperature            -20°C +70°C

Battery                      3.7V Li-ion

Memory                     2GB

Water Resistance     IP 65

Stretchable Band       From 5’’ to 10’’ in

Notification & Time Features  


Place your pre-order now and benefit from Ally, the latest AI-powered solution offering personalized insights on potential seizures. 

The device is currently in its beta phase.

All shipments will take place on 01/02/2024.

Get Started

Begin using your Ally and get motivated to use your device throughout your day accompanied by comfort.

Keep Track

Ally can help you track important health information including your menstrual cycle, high and low heart rates sleep, and stress patterns. You can find all your health data on the application. 

Core Features

The advanced AI-powered solution to provide you with personalised insights on the potential occurrence of seizures such as Epilepsy using a non-invasion device.

Health Features

Health Features


Risk analysis of potential seizure insights


EDA / Skin tempurates/ PPG/ Accelerometer / Gyroscope


Integration of Different aspects to analyze data such as weather, location, time, lifecycles

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Knowlepsy? And what is its vision & mission?

Knowlepsy is an AI deep-tech company empowering consumers to regain control of their lives. Our vision is to revolutionize consumer health by providing personalized solutions enabling individuals with neurological challenges like epilepsy to regain control of their lives. Our mission is to transform consumer health by using AI technology and healthcare expertise combined with wearable technology to provide personalized insights.

What is the name of the companion device offered by Knowlepsy?

It is called “Ally”;  the advanced AI-powered system to provide you with personalized insights on the potential occurrence of seizures using a non-invasive device.

How do I get started with Knowlepsy’s companion device “Ally”?

To start benefiting from personalized insights with Ally, simply visit our website and explore the features of the companion  device. You can make a pre-order here. (click to the pre-order page).

Does Knowlepsy offer additional health tracking features beyond personalized insights on the potential occurrence of a seizure?

Yes, Knowlepsy offers a range of health tracking features, including stress management, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking (SpO2), sleep tracking, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, and menstrual health tracking. These features provide a holistic approach to personalized health insights.

How do personalized insights provided by Ally benefit its users?

With providing users with personalized insights through companion device Ally, we seek for users to regain their control of life.

Is data privacy ensured when using Knowlepsy’s personalized insights?

Absolutely! Knowlepsy prioritizes data security and privacy. Users’ sensitive health information is encrypted and securely stored, ensuring it is only accessible to the users and authorized data insights professionals.

What features are included in the Ally companion device for individual personalized insights ?

The Ally companion device includes stress management score, skin conductivity measurements, sleep tracking, sleep stages, sleep profile, and sleep score. It also offers health features like SpO2 tracking, heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, wellness report, and menstrual health tracking.